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What did we do to support our Care Home Residents…?

What did we do to support our Care Home Residents…?

What did ATP enable to do to support nursing homes during the pandemic?


NHSX donated 11,000 iPads to care homes as part of the COVID-19 winter 2020 to 2021 support plan for adult social care. The iPads will help residents receive ongoing care and stay connected to loved ones.


Care facilities were ‘eligible’ for one or two complimentary iPads based on the number of devices they currently had in comparison to the number of beds. Priority was given to care facilities that lacked modern devices or struggled with their internet connection. Providing them with the ability to:


  • Secure access to patient medical records through iPad.
  • Secure access to patient medical records through iPad.
  • Use of specific wellbeing/medical apps to engage residents.
  • Video connection for residents to communicate with loved ones.
  • Video connectivity for practitioners to contact medical care providers.


How ATP enabled helped in the scheme’s success

Together with Digital Inc, we were able to sell an estate of 11,000 SIMs at a lower cost to the MNOs by developing and delivering our own data tariff(s), which correspond to a ‘only as intended’ data connection (for Medical purposes only, in this case). This results in the optimum network performance/cost equation feasible, resulting in overall higher efficiency.


This has given the NHSX the certainty that there will be no additional charges in addition to those originally agreed upon, allowing the connectivity estate to perform to its full potential.


Our key sub-contractor role:

Each iPad required internet connectivity via Wifi aided by a cellular network, which was given via LTE/4G SIMs in accordance with the following criteria:


  1. Connect through LTE/4G using the strongest signal available within range of the SIM/iPad.
  2. Ensure that the provided connection is reliable and capable of operating with a 99.9% uptime.
  3. Connect to networks within the UK using a private and secure APN to ensure security and compliance with sensitive data legislation.
  4. Ensure that all data flow for HTTPS websites is monitored, measured, and filtered (SSL Inspected/IPV6 Decrypted).
  5. Ensure compliance for all data transfers (MO & MT), data content, and user activity reports to support the care homes’ Duty of Care for their residents – protecting both the user and the care home from cyber-attacks and contact with unlawful web content.
  6. Maintain a 24/7/365 support service for the length of the contract: P1, P2, P3, P4.
  7. Always provide network-level protection across 3G/LTE/LTE4G, protecting the integrity of the whole deployed mobile device estate from cyber security threats.
  8. Aggregate all data so that under-users help over-users with data consumption, maximising data use while avoiding overspending.
  9. Facilitate the transition of LTE/4G contracts from government departments to individual care homes or local governments at the end of the initial period.
  10. Comply with all specified authorities’ compliances: Prevent Duty (Section 26 of the Counter Terrorism Act 2015) / Care Act 2014.


Disruption of a monopolised market through radical innovation:

The NHS requires Digital Inc’s capacity to measure, monitor, and report on data utilisation for all internet connections on a mobile/edge device for both the ‘Free iPads for Care Homes’ and the ‘Covid-19 Mobile Testing Units’ deployments.


The KPIs and analytical data reports clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the connectivity that we provide, including the number and type of user activity. This enables NHSX to substantiate and give accurate user statistics and media reports, confirming the project’s success even further.


Because of our LTE/4G connectivity, businesses no longer have to operate “under the radar,” reducing cyber threats to both the firm and its people. We monitor, measure, and manage every bit of data passed via our private APN, ingress network, IT redundancy and resilience, and filtering of all illicit content and connections across 85 languages.


How we can help support care homes in the future

Our products and management services have been developed (substantiated by the ‘Free iPads for Care Homes’ project) to cater to every local or county authority or central government dept. They meet the security, compliance and efficiency needs for both the small and large-scale deployment of mobile devices.


Along with the current ‘Free iPads for Care Homes’ deployment, Digital Inc was the first provider of multi-network connectivity for COVID-19 Mobile Testing Units, which we still provide today. We are also currently deploying 1,000s of age-appropriate, Prevent Duty-compliant and filtered secure connectivity for remote leaners and those that are digitally excluded via LAs and schools across the country.


How ATP Enable can help?

Speak with one of our experienced team members to learn more about the latest deals from a range of secure mobile network providers.


Call 03333 58 39 38, or Email info@atpenable.co.uk