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Compliance & Security

The coronavirus has quickly impacted the way we learn, work, and communicate online due to social distancing and nationwide lockdowns.


As more edge devices such as computers, smart phones, and other smart devices become connected to the internet, online security and compliance has become more crucial than ever.


Regardless of the industry, we can assist in ensuring that people’s privacy is fully protected. Our safe browser is the only iOS browser in the UK that complies with both the Prevent Duty and the Online Safety Bill.

Network Challenges

ATP/Digital Inc. was founded in 2014 with the goal of meeting compliance standards. They safeguard mobile users and edge devices, lowering corporate risk while also safeguarding employees and recipients.

Multi-Network SIM

Connected via a private and secure APN that connects you to the strongest network in your area automatically. Our IoT Secure SIMs provide seamless nationwide connectivity.

Monitor, Measure & Manage

Our automated management system ensures that each SIM is tracked, measured, and reports on data usage for all internet connections are generated, providing you with the best possible insight.

Secure Browser

The ATP/Digital Inc. secure browser provides all of the filtering and protection that our secure SIM on edge devices provide, but it is the only product in the market that is device agnostic and the ONLY Apple iOS approved secure browser.

Filtering Innovation

Across all connections, we provide CNS filtration of all illicit content (across 85 languages) Automatic alerts and security are in place, ensuring that suitable material and access are always under control.

Help & Support

For the duration of all our contracts, we provide 24-hour support, 365 days a year. During the pandemic, our Priority 1 support agreements helped provide COVID-19 P1 contracts to the government.

More About The Service

Compliance through technology.

Prevent Duty

When you work for the government, you must adhere to the Prevent responsibility. As a result, if you’re one of the following:


  • Central Government
  • Local Authority
  • Higher Education
  • Schools
  • Primary Education


You are required by law to cover everyone to whom you provide an internet connection. This presented challenges in terms of LAN/WAN, but several well-known firewall/cyber security providers can meet this requirement.


However, what distinguishes us from the competition is that we offer the same level of security on an edge device. ATP / Digital Inc Browser supports CNS (category network search) filtering across its browser to achieve this compliance.


Our easy dynamic solution, developed in collaboration with the CTiRU (Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit) and the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), may be easily customised to meet the needs of each user.


At its most basic level, it will protect the end-user and demonstrate a duty of care through prevention by blocking both illegal and malevolent intent.

Online Safety Bill

This White Paper lays out a strategy to tackle content or behaviour that affects individual users, particularly minors, or threatens our way of life in the UK, either by jeopardizing national security or jeopardizing our mutual rights, beginning in 2022 at the earliest.

Here is a link to more information.

Digital Inc.

We provide a uniqueness in the market as the single distributor of Digital Inc.’s secure SIM and browser. The SIM and browser provide a technical solution to a variety of compliance issues, including the Prevent Duty, Code of Conduct, RIPA Act, Duty of Care, and many others.


Many of them are legal requirements that apply to both the public and private sectors. The epidemic has increased the problem of complying with these requirements in remote locations; mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that are not connected to the business network must nevertheless follow these guidelines. Please contact us at for further information.

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