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How are the Tech Giants shaping online Safety…?

How are the Tech Giants shaping online Safety…?

How are the Tech Giants shaping online safety?


Encrypted messaging services are becoming more popular throughout the world. Businesses use them to safeguard confidential information, governments use them to secure classified information, and many individuals use them to protect personal information from things like identity theft.


What exactly is encryption?

Encryption is the process of transforming information so that it is unreadable by anybody except those with special knowledge (commonly referred to as a “key”) that permits them to convert the information back to its original, readable form.


What are some examples of Secure Messaging Systems?

There are many secure messaging systems available; the one that is suitable for you will depend on how you interact; whether you need to communicate by text, audio, or video, and whether you need to send files.


  • FaceTime by Apple is end-to-end encrypted and may be used for voice or video chats between Apple devices.
  • WhatsApp provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, audio and video calls, and file transfer. It is very popular and is available for iOS, Android, Windows phone, Mac, and Windows.
  • Signal provides end-to-end encrypted texting, audio and video calls, and file transfer. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


What Makes SMS Text Messages Risky?

If a text message is not encrypted, whether it is travelling between mobile towers or not, the network provider, hackers, or government could read and even modify the content.


What are the disadvantages of encryption?

According to the NSPCC, this technology is problematic because it prevents websites and apps from detecting abuse and law enforcement from investigating and prosecuting crimes.


The NSPCC claims that implementing the encryption as planned will “make these [scanning] technologies worthless,” and it is urging Facebook to rethink. According to the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, if the plan is implemented, up to 70% of child abuse reports worldwide could be lost.


What can you do to safeguard yourself?


  1. Consider how you communicate sensitive information. Text? Documents? What about audio conversations? What about video chats?
  2. Consider who you share sensitive information with. What software should you expect them to use?
  3. Use the right tool(s) you chose whenever you need to communicate sensitive information.
  4. If people give you sensitive information via unencrypted email or text messages, educate them on the risks and how to utilise more secure means.


How ATP Enable can help?

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